Whittington's Acquired by B.U.L.K Beef Jerky

Hey B.U.L.K Fam,

We would have never gotten this far without your support and love of our jerky products.  It started out with me as a one man shop and has now grown to 11 employees, dozens of contractors, and we are still growing.  

Everyone asks "how did you get into the beef jerky business"  I reply; "it chose me".  For all of you that have dreams of starting your own business, my best advice is "start", you never know where you will end up if you just stick to it.  

With the purchase of Whittington's we are going to be able to keep inventory in stock!  We are going to continue to produce the superior and healthy products that you have grown to love. Stay tuned for all the new recipes we will come up with and all the videos we have in the pipeline.

Thank you once again, we wouldn't be here without all our jerky loving fam and if you ever need anything, we extend a helping hand to all who seek it. 

 Petey G Out! 


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