Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens if i'm not 100% satisfied?

Not a problem, just help us out by not buying a bulk bag and taking one bite and saying "I don't like it." We will send you a return label and refund you within 15 business day of purchase.

What carrier do you use?

Most of our packages are shipped via Fedex. Typically you will receive your package, depending on size of the order, within 5 business day.

What happens if there is mold?

If just recently received and you open it to a bag of green then take a picture of the bag front and back and throw it away. Sometimes there's micro holes that form form transit and air starts the process. We will send a replacement.

How long does the bag last once opened?

We recommend keeping the bag out once opened for a week then popping that bad boy in the refrigerator. Should last up to a month.

What cut of meat do you use?

We use 100% denuded choice brisket. Meaning its shaved off of all fat.

When will you launch the other products back?

Soon we promise. Rounds, turkey and sticks are coming back in BULK!