Here Is My Story



0:04 - Action! What’s happening beef jerky fans.
0:07 - Petey G here. This video is made specifically for those who came back more than once
0:21 - I wanted to give you a little bit more about our story, about me, the history, our values
0:30 - Im off the boat from Poland
0:39 - I grew up in Detroit and Hamtrack
0:50 - I just want to let you know that we really appreciate everything
1:02 - We are going to take care of you like family
1:26 - We want to give you the best service and we really mean that
1:39 - If you are looking for a community fundraiser, a gift box, anything along those lines think of us

I hope you really enjoyed this video I made for you. Please feel free to reach out on all socials via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Or Twitter. We enjoy reading all of your comments and feedback.

Also, please do not hesitate to call us at (424) 536-3050 or email us at if you have any questions about your order or anything you might need help with!

On behalf of the B.U.L.K Team we want to Thank You. 


Talk to you soon, 

Petey G


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