The keys to weight loss

The keys to weight loss

Most people have had some point in their life when they are trying to slim down or shape up.  Even if you have high metabolism, there are still times in life where our weight & health get away from us.  Many times we go about it all wrong but, here are a few keys to weight loss. 

What you eat

The truth is that many people run to the treadmill when they want to get into shape but, you can work out every single day and get zero results if you don't change your eating at all.  I have seen it time and time again.  Friends who run 3 miles a day but, eat a large bowl of ice cream every night and, never see a change in their weight. 

Low fat and low sugar are always really smart to focus on in your diet.  Filling up with snacks that are good for you but, will keep you full for longer periods of time will result in the greatest impact.  For example, oatmeal, nuts, cheese, B.U.L.K beef jerky, lean meats, and fish are great to focus on.

Foods that are high in protein like jerky, eggs or nuts help build muscle and reduce fat in our bodies.  These are great to focus on to optimize your weight loss.

It is important to eat more fruits & vegetables with less carbs as well.  These changes in your diet will make a big impact.  I find that any change is better than none and I can start to see results. 

Get moving

Exercising and burning calories contributes to weight loss. The key is to put in less calories than you are trying to burn.  If you don't have a gym membership, try going for a run or a walk daily.  Also, purchasing a cheap pair of dumbells is a great idea to work with a night while you watch TV.  So, many exercises can be done during your favorite show like jumping jacks, squats, pushups or sit ups and they will all make a difference in your weight loss journey. 


 This is the one thing I don't mind doing to loose weight.LOL. Getting more sleep actually helps you loose weight.  The more rest you get the better.  This is the one time naps or making sure you get your full 8 hours is actually a benefit to your body. 

Drink more water

Don't waste calories on the drinks you consume.  Drinking more water has so many health benefits and still helps you loose weight.  It fills you up, and helps with digestion.  Flavor your water with some lemon or lime slices to spice it up.

These points truly are the keys to weight loss. If you focus on these points you will see the weight drop, you will see your body tone and get in the shape that you desire.   Plan out your goals and stick to your plan.  I know you can do it !




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