Before You Go, Take A Tour of B.U.L.K Beef Jerky Tasting Room

So, how did Petey G get to where we are today?

Simply put, I needed to quickly find space because shipping out of my garage could not cut it anymore. Eventually, I moved from Long Beach to San Pedro and rented out an office space to ship out orders and work on the business. I realized that the local community had a serious interest in jerky, and so I converted the front into a tasting room in April 2017.

I discovered I could not do this alone. I needed help...

I admit..shipping product on time, customer service, branding and marketing became too much to handle and I needed to find the right people who believed in what I believed in. Miller started right when the store opened and was eager to get his hands dirty and help wherever he was needed. He enjoyed the shipping process and became the head of shipping shortly thereafter. Nick and Linus found their way to B.U.L.K as a part time consulting gig, but eventually turned into running business development and eventually became partners with me at B.U.L.K. The team is small, but ready and eager to take on the the bulk product market.

Some advice to those who are looking to start a business, or currently working on one:

  • Don't quit. Sometimes it may be easier to sell it or give up. Set a goal and see it through… you will be surprised at what you can accomplish when your back is up against the wall.
  • Figure out a way to eliminate your roadblocks. Identify them and crush them. It is easier said than done, but it is worth the extra time.
  • Trust us.. It is hard. You will have to make sacrifices.