B.U.L.K Beef Jerky's Vision

"Our vision is to be the leading e-commerce bulk product provider."

Where do we want to go next?

We had this silly talk one day about how we could compete with the big players in the e-commerce space such as Amazon, Jet.com, and Walmart. The more thought we put into it, the better the idea got. We sell beef jerky in bulk, so why not sell more quality products in bulk? That's where we want to take you next. 

What is stopping us?

To be honest, capital. Before we work towards our vision we have to make it now. Currently, we are at this road block where we have a decision to make: do we risk it all or play it safe and continue to service the B.U.L.K Fam? The B.U.L.K team has only been optimistic and eager. We could crush everyone in the jerky space with unbelievable pricing and high quality products. Worth the risk don't you think ;).