Choose the Right Jerky Gift

More and more consumers are becoming aware of the chemical and preservatives in our foods. Hence buying foods that are preservative free and natural as possible is becoming the norms.

Customers choose the jerky gift that is preservative free and shut down those with MSG addition of nitrate. However, let’s gets tips on how to choose the right products meat and flavor for gifts.


Think of the person it is going to!

Do they enjoy different meats on a regular basis or do they tend to eat the same type of food? Those that are adventurous foods, they will be most likely to try new jerky such as the exotic; ostrich, kangaroo, antelope or alligator. Exotic meats have a simple and basic ingredient, hence making it an incredible jerky gift. 


Stick to the traditional options 

For those who are a bit reserved when it comes to food choices, you can stick with traditional meat options such as buffalo, beef, venison or turkey will make an excellent choice. The meat will come in different flavors such as pepper, garlic, or teriyaki and some with more spicy taste.


Choosing a flavor 

Choosing a flavor for someone else is challenging, but I would recommend sticking starting with mild than wild choices. Check on our fabulous flavors especially the spicy one’s, but let them choose unless you know they will love it. 

Our beef jerky is the best seller as it is surprisingly delicious and has quickly become a favorite of many of our customers.

You can also let us help you choose to buy gifting one of the jerky gift packs or samplers of product that we have put together for you.

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