4 tips for a successful road trip with kids

4 tips for a successful road trip with kids

Many parents want to travel and see the world.  Many times it is cheaper to take car trips than hop on a plane depending on the number and ages of your children.  However, many parents get stressed over this idea so I want to share with you 4 tips for a successful road trip with kids.

1.  Pack technology.

Technology is such a huge benefit to our lives and, make everything easier with keeping children entertained.  Whether, it's an ipad or kindle or nintendo system it is a great idea to bring some form of technology along.  If you have a DVD player, more power to you but, handheld devices can bring hours of entertainment even for the little ones. 

2.  Bring snacks.

Snacks has probably helped me more than anything else to keep my kids happy for a long car ride.  I pack easy to carry things like animal crackers, fruit snacks, nuts and B.U.L.K. beef jerky.  They are all easy to carry and don't make a big mess in the car.  They can keep them full for longer periods of time until we are ready to stop for a meal.

3.  Books

Depending on the ages of your kids, coloring books or chapter books are great to keep any kid occupied.  Finding a way for them to be creative or use their imagination helps time fly.  Bringing a few of each is always better than being short- handed.

4.  Get out and play.

Everyone does better mentally when they can get out and stretch.  Plan to make stops along the way for sightseeing or even stop at a rest stop to just get out and run around and stretch.  This will do the whole family good and get everyone refreshed to get back in the car for another long stretch. 

Road trips are worth the memories and the experiences and, with kids they can be a challenge.  However, with these tips you can have a easy and fun car ride to wherever you decide to head next!

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