Why Camping is the Perfect Vacation

Why Camping is the Perfect Vacation



I grew up camping very often.  Mainly so that we could explore a lot of different places like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, without having to spend very much money.  This was a way for us to go on many vacations without breaking the bank.

Now that I have my own family, we try to do some of the same things.  Having 3 boys they love being outside and camping is a great way to do that, and can make the perfect vacation whether you go with friends or family.


It is cheap.

This is one of the main reasons camping is so amazing.  You can hop in your car and go anywhere you want, find a camp ground and enjoy the sites.  All you need is a tent and a sleeping bag and your set.  You can still do sightseeing the same and have a cheap place to sleep.  You can drive as far as you want and, stay as long as you want and barely break the bank.


You eat amazing food.

S'mores are one of the super fun foods to make over a camp fire.  There is no experience like it! Food is just better over the fire.  Everything from hotdogs to foil pack dinners.  Bringing easy, portable food is really the best idea for camping.  We bring easy things like : cheese sticks, pretzels, cookies, nuts and B.U.L.K. Beef Jerky.  No stove or microwave is needed. 


It's beautiful.

There is nothing like being in the outdoors and one with nature.  You see the world through a different set of eyes and appreciate the beauty around you like never before.  All the greenery and seeing nature and all the animals is simply amazing and, unless you live in the middle of no where is not something that is experienced for most in the day to day routine.  There is a feeling of "unplugging" and, just enjoying life.

Camping is such an amazing experience.  It is so easy to do without much planning ahead of time and, can be the perfect vacation for you alone, with friends or family.  I hope you will venture out, explore and try it this year!


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