Turkey Jerky Hot & Spicy
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Turkey Jerky
Lean & Savory
Lean & Savory

Price: $ 8.00

In Stock

Price: $ 8.00

In Stock

Product Description

Product Description

The Traditional Turkey – If you thought the Beef Jerky was good you’ll LOVE the Traditional Turkey Jerky.  We take USA Turkey only,  non-injected turkey breast and hand cut and mix, then slow smoke for over 12 hours in our unique custom brick smokehouses.  The ingredients are few and the taste is HUGE!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Tough, super dry, poor flavor

This turkey jerky was SUPER tough. I could barely tear it with my hands. It was super dry and lacked any good flavoring. I had a couple of pieces and threw away the majority of it. I would not recommend this to anyone. Did I get a bad batch? Don't really know but I'm having buyer's remorse - I should have stuck with the brisket.

jerky "D' Turkey

This was a first time order, I'm sure it won't be the last. GOOD STUFF this turkey jerky. Buy some, U will LOVE it too. Matter of fact I'm gonna sign off this review and buy some more!

Excellent flavor

This is a very good tasting just wonderful product. Better than any turkey jerky I have had before.

Delicious jerky

I took a chance and bout three bags of the hot and spicy Turkey jerky and I was not let down. Quality ingredients, quality packaging make for an excellent product. The spice is not overwhelming and is a nice warm heat after the jerky goes down the gullet. Don't be afraid to give it a try!


Sorry got a little carried away. I have children to feed (kidding) Had to fight off my hunting dog to get into the package. He knows quality. Only brings home the best of the best. (hell no he isn't eating any) This has to be the bes-test jerky I have ever knoshed on. Now I hope to win Publishers Clearing House sweeps to be able to have the factory mainline the bennies to me weekly with USPS> Damn I only wish I could afford the big bag. The little ones seem to have a 'can't stop eating them spell on the packages) Thank you ...you are in my heart (trying to keep you out of my pocket) from time to time.

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