Yeaaaaaahhhh.  That's the teriyaki I'm talking about.


Let's go through the checklist:

- Yes, its going to taste great

- Yes, it has the right amout of teriyaki flavor with out making the jerky too salty or flavored

- Yes, it's American harvested USDA beef with no added fillers.  It's a straight cut from a hunk of meat

- Yes, its the right thickness - not so damn thick that your mouth is tired from chewing - it's thick enough that you can put it in your mouth and suck on the flavor for a little bit and then enjoy the rest with a light easy chew 


What do we recommend:

- It's absolutely amazing with an ice cold beer.  

- You should keep a stash in your center console of your car at all times (in case of emergency) 

- DO NOT LEAVE IN THE OPEN -  Your Jerky will be gone and in someone else's mouth within a blink of an eye 



Classic Teriyaki Beef Jerky
$ 9.99