Pap's Foods - The tender moister beefier beef stick! Declare your meathood!



Cajun is made from a solid piece of American beef, sliced thin and marinated in authentic Cajun spices.


Hot is made from a solid piece of American beef, sliced thin with a generous amount of red peppers.


Mild is the Original Recipe. Made from a solid piece of American Beef. Sliced thin and full of flavor.


Pitmaster BBQ has a unique sweet, smokey flavor that finishes off with a little heat. Sliced thin from a solid piece of American beef.


BEEF STICKS (comes in a box of 24 sticks) - 

Beef & Cheese is a classic mix of beef and American cheese.


Black Pepper is our original beef sticks with fresh black pepper added.


Caliente is a savory beef stick infused with spices, peppers and jalapenos.


Mild is the Original beef stick with mild and savory seasonings and great beef flavor.


Spicy is our Original recipe, with a touch of Cayenne pepper.


Honey is our original beef stick, with a hint of honey for sweetness.


Smokehouse is an old fashioned recipe with deep, rich, hickory smoked flavor.


Smokin Hot is a spicy beef stick kicked up with Cayenne pepper for plenty of heat.


Bar-B-Q is a Pap’s Beef Stick with Grippo’s Bar-B-Q.

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