Let's call a spade a spade, Our Jerky is F&*N GREAT x 3.  NO MSG, GLUTEN FREE and all the other good things that come along with jerky.  It's much more tender than the jerky you will buy in stores, it hold moisture and is not dry.  You will not have a sore jaw after eating the whole bag. 

Now you think ***  blah blah blah, tell me all this mumbo jumbo so you can get me to buy on your website.... guess what- If you have even taken the time to read this description - send me an email  - pete at  and I'll make sure to send you a coupon code worth your while.  

Either that or just make the purchase, we are pretty sensible here - if you really think that our jerky isn't one of the best you've ever had, I will personally refund you the entire order.  -=  Petey G  =- 


 Other Interesting facts you should know about B.U.L.K Beef Jerky.

1.) We've been published in Forbes and Fastcompany !   

2.) The Company was started in 2005 after a beef jerky company told him "NO" we don't want a stinkin eCommerce website.   Read About B.U.L.K

3.) One time a long time ago we made a low budget commercial    We've evolved since then, but would love to hear from video producers that would be interested in helping us. 

4.) We supply the Texas State Fair with its Jerky.  Do you know how much Jerky you Texans Eat?  Jeez Luis ! 

5.) We are real, we make jerky, we do good things - We love working with the Boy Scouts of America on B.U.L.K Hiking trip orders.  Are you a scout master?  Email Us ! 

 Well, that's enough for now- please email us with any ideas you have for he website or if you have a Beef Jerky Recipe you would like to see come to life.  We know that Jerky is an art, a pinch to much of salt or a teaspoon to much of pepper can send your flavors wild.  We are always in search of that "WOW" recipe - so email us your and we can work out a deal - we could use a few good jerky business partners. 

Classic Original Recipe Beef Jerky - Gluten FREE
$ 9.99