Man Cave Sampler

Quick Overview

  • 10 - 2 oz. bags of Beef / Turkey Jerky:
- Original Beef Jerky 
- Teriyaki Beef Jerky 
- Honey BBQ Beef Jerky 
- Cherry Maple Beef Jerky 
- Sweet/Hot Beef Jerky 
 -Peppercorn Beef Jerky 
- Blazin' Beef Jerky 
- Honey BBQ Turkey Jerky 
- Cherry Maple Turkey Jerky 
- Peppercorn Turkey Jerky 
- Mini Sausage Stick sample
- Hunter sausage stick sample 

Product Description

Everyone knows that the Man Cave is a sacred worshiping ground for none other than "the Man". The Man Cave should be full of ice cold beverages, salty snacks, and meat products. There is no "Nagging Allowed", no "Dance recital practice", no "Flowers" (an occasional cactus may be ok as long as it doesn't have a flower budding from it, we've seen those and don't like them), and no GLITTER ever......ever!! This is a package for that Man that takes care of business and deserves to be treated and fed like a Man. Make your Man happy and ship him a Man Cave Sampler today, make sure to ask for permission before attempting to enter the Cave with this package (this does not grant you entry to the Man Cave), better yet just leave this at the door of the Cave and only interrupt if you are 100% sure that there is a commercial break.

Man Cave Sampler
$ 59.99