Gobble Gobble!!! Believe it or not....turkeys actually line up voluntarily for the prestigious opportunity to be known as our Honey Barbecue Smoked Turkey Jerky....these are Jive Turkeys....ya dig.


Product Description

This jerky has the subtle flavors of the smoker, along with that honey BBQ flavor we love in a turkey jerky (or any meat, really). 
The first thing you will notice when you tear open a fresh bag is the smell of those wood smoker chips and honey BBQ sauce tempting your senses. 
You'll notice the flavor - that balanced flavor of wood and smoky turkey jerky flavor that you love. 


MEN --> Also note * this product is great to give to your wife/ gf or other when they are complaining about how fat they are.  


WOMEN -->  This turkey is F'n good .  Its been known to get the vegetarians back to the carnivorous side of life. 

Classic BBQ Turkey Jerky
$ 9.99