This brand is a product of Formosa Meat Co., Inc. based out of Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

This brand contains the following flavors;

Golden Island-Teriyaki Pork Jerky: This jerky  is described as being, "an all-time favorite with just the right blend of soy sauce, spices, mirin and real sugar.Th e teriyaki flavor is very light, mostly marked by the heavy sweetness and the tangy mirin wine.F lavors that define this jerky is the heavy sweetness, tangy mirin wine ingredient, and grilled pork flavor.

 Golden Island- Korean Barbecue Pork:  This jerky has a lot of sweet, some sesame seed flavor, and a light saltiness.  Flavors that define this jerky is a dominant sweetness, sesame seed flavor and  a Chinese stir fry pork flavor. It contains Pork, sugar, Korean inspired seasoning (sugar, dehydrated tamari gluten free soy sauce, maltodextrin, salt, garlic powder, sesame seeds, spices), corn syrup, sorbitol, gluten free soy sauce, salt, chili powder, sesame oil.

Golden Island Jerky-Grilled Barbecue Pork:  This jerky has does have a flame grilled flavor followed by some sweetness and a light cinnamon and brown sugar flavor. Flavors that define this jerky is primarily that heavy sweetness with the light touch of cinnamon. It contains Pork, sugar, sorbitol, soy sauce, corn syrup, soybean oil with citric acid, salt, michiu wine, spices.

Golden Island Beef Jerky-Hickory Black Pepper: This jerky has a  crisp, pungent black pepper with a freshly cracked flavor which  generates some spicy burn. Flavors that define this jerky overall is the sweetness and black pepper. It contains Beef, sugar, corn syrup, soy sauce, spices, potato starch, salt.

Golden Island Beef Jerky-Chili Lime:  This jerky has some  lime flavor, a light sweetness and saltiness. A lot of the lime flavor is felt on the surface of these pieces. flavors that define this jerky most of all is the lime flavor off the surface and the natural meat flavor. It contains  Beef, corn syrup, soy sauce, garlic chili sauce, chili lime seasoning, sugar, lemon emulsion, soybean oil with citric acid, salt, crushed red chili pepper, potato starch, lime concentrate.

Golden Island Beef Jerky-Mandarin Orange: This jerky has a strong citrus and sweet flavor, followed by an asian-style flavor,This jerky has some mandarin orange flavor in all of its tangy, citrus, sweetness. Flavors that primarily define this jerky is mandarin orange flavor. It contains Beef, sugar, gluten-free soy sauce, soybean oil with ctric acid, corn syrup, mirin wine, orange juice, pineapple juice, spices, salt, orange powder, pineapple powder.

 Golden Island Pork Jerky-Grilled: This jerky is indeed indeed sweet. It has a taste similar to pork. It also has a taste of smokiness, followed by the natural meat flavors. It contains Pork, sugar, soy sauce, fructose, soybean oil, mirin wine, salt, michiu wine, spices, sodium nitrite cure, sodium erythorbate, disodium inosinate & disodium guanylate.

Golden Island Beef Jerky-Chili Lime:  This jerky has a citrus flavor that  is not that strong. chili seasoning is noticeable too, but is not strong. Natural meat flavors are also noticeable but not very strong. It contains  Beef, chili lime seasoning (modified corn starch, maltodextrin, sugar, spices, salt, corn syrup solids, citric acid, onion, garlic, paprika, natural flavors, extractive of paprika, lime oil, silicon dioxide), sugar, soy sauce, lemon juice, soybean oil, salt, crushed red chili pepper, potato starch, chili powder, natural lemon emulsion, citric acid, paprika, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite cure, yellow #5, garlic powder, onion powder, disodium inosinate & disodium guanylate, red #40.

Golden Island Beef Jerky-Mandarin: This jerky has some thick sweetness that gives off an orange flavor of the Chinese kind.  A bit of gristle and  some large chunks of fat is also contains beef, sugar, mirin wine, orange juice concentrate, pineapple juice concentrate, soy sauce, spices, vegetable oil, salt, pineapple concentrate powder, orange concentrate powder, less than 1% of the following: sodium nitrite cure, sodium erythorbate.

Golden Island Beef Jerky
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