Smooth and Subtle Garlic Flavor with the perfect blend of pepper and salt.  Made with whole muscle cuts of beef, this jerky is thin and has the perfect amount of chew.  It's moist, tender and is always gone faster than you expected. This Garlic jerky is the perfect high protein snack, all natural snack.  No Preservatives, NO MSG, NO Nitrites* - Just Delicious Top Round and Brisket Jerky.  USDA Certified Choice Meat !    * This Beef Jerky is Cured with celery powder, celery powder

Jerky Ingredients:   Beef, Salt, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Garlic Powder, Paprika, Yeast Extract, Black Pepper, Celery Powder.

Garlic Beef Jerky Nutrition 
Serving Size                 1oz (28g)    
Calories                        60    
Calories From Fat         2    
Total Fat                       1.5g         2%
Saturated Fat               .5g           3%
Cholesterol                   25mg       8%
Soduim                        450mg      19%
Total Carbohydrate      1g            0%
Dietary Fiber                0g    
Sugars                         1g    
Protein                         10g     (20%)
Vitamin A                                  4%
Vitamin C         
Iron                                           8%


Top 10 Other things you may like to know about this garlic beef jerky:

1.) USDA Choice beef - Top Round and Brisket is used to create this beef jerky masterpiece 


2.) USDA Certified - Yes, this jerky is legit - we make everything by hand in a USDA certified plant.  This is very important to know as some jerky companies only have state health department approval, USDA plants have a strict policies to keep you safe from food illnesses.


3.) All Natural Ingredients - Check out the jerky recipe ingredients list, nothing you can't pronounce, its clean, its simple and healthy.


3.) It's GLUTEN FREE JERKY ! -  No Gluten Here my friends -


4.) It's PALEO Friendly Jerky - Eat like a cave man or women.  This is how the caveman, aborigine, Indians, and everyone else ate jerky before the 1950's. 


5.) Resealable Bags - Every size bag that you purchase is resealable, (1/4, 1/2, 1 and 2.5lb bags)  Eat some jerky now, save some for later.


6.) Refrigerate Jerky After Opening - Jerky will last even if its not refrigerated, but we want to prevent anything possibly going wrong with it.  Depending on your climate, moisture could be a factor, or a super dry climate may affect the longevity of your jerky if you don't refrigerate. 


7.) 12 Month Shelf Life - If you keep your jerky at room temperature and out of direct sunlight you will get 12 months of shelf life.  This is the perfect food that you can keep around for those doomsday / disaster food kits.  Not to mention any type of kit that needs to keep its freshness for a long time. 


8.) Home Made Jerky Taste - Unlike the stuff you buy at the gas station, (Jack links, Krave, Slim JIm, Oberto) This jerky has that natural home-style taste.  It's like your grandad freshly smoke this last week.  We promise that this jerky is unique and tastes nothing like the stuff you would get at the chain stores. 


9.) Really Smoked not dehydrated - There is difference in jerky when you smoke it or use a food dehydrator; Our jerky uses real smoke chips and is smoke for 6 hours.  No "liquid smoke" or air dried system, we have a big giant smoker that smokes our jerky daily. 


10.) We Love Testimonials - If you purchase this garlic beef jerky and send us in a video testimonial buy emailing us a link or posting it on youtube, we will find your customer record and send you a free 1/2lb bag. Yes we are serious, you would be surprised on how many people just read all of the facts :)   -Petey G   






Garlic Beef Jerky - No Nitrates, Gluten Free
$ 7.99