Dole Plantation Brand

Dole Plantation Brand is a brand of Monogram Meat Snacks.

This brand has 2 flavors:

Dole Plantation Brand-Hickory-Smoked: This product says its made with beef and chicken, with hickory smoke added. This flavor has smoky flavor, and a light saltiness. This flavor stands out as Hickory Smoked Jerky. It has a  soy sauce flavor, with a bit of sweetness, and a light touch of smokiness. It contains Beef, mechanically separated chicken, water, brown sugar, salt, contains 2% or less of hydrolyzed soy protein, dextrose, natural smoke flavor, soy sauce, spices, flavorings, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.

Plantation Brand –Ham jerky:  This  flavor has faint bit of pineapple flavor, and a faint touch of saltiness. It contains Pork (ham), water, brown sugar, contains less than 2% of hydrolyzed soy protein, salt, dextrose, flavorings, pineapple flavor (ethyl alcohol, natural flavor, water), sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite.

Dole Plantation Brand
$ 29.99