Diva Chocolates, LLC is a food retailer that specializes in combining chocolate with meat.  It is a small privately held producer of foods that bridges the gap between chocolate and meat. Based in Clackamas, OR.



The beef jerky line includes two varieties, this "Kickin' Cocoa Bean", and a "Mocha Java".

Diva Chocolates Beef Jerky- Kickin' Cocoa Bean:  This is "the first jerky designed for those seeking new adventures in chocolate!". Being that Diva Chocolates says this Kickin' Cocoa Bean variety "puts the KICK back into eating chocolate". The ingredients list suggest the only chocolately taste would come from the cacoa nibs, but after eating a few pieces already.

Diva Chocolates Beef Jerky-Mocha Java: The taste from the surface is a moderately sweet flavour possibly from the coffee. Moving into the chewing, you get more sweet flavor, and some natural meat flavours.It contains Beef, sugar, seasoning blend (sugar, paprika, cocoa processed with alkali, ground mustard, salt, coffee, garlic and other spices), water, salt, citric acid. Treated with potassium sorbate solution.

Diva Chocolates Beef Jerky
$ 29.99