Crazy Horse Beef Jerky is a brand made by Dave Wenrich in Hellam, PA.

This brand offer following varieties:

Crazy Horse Beef Jerky-Sweet:

dubbed a "Sweet" variety of beef jerky, it does have some sweetness to it. It's perhaps most noticeable upon putting a piece into my mouth, but in the chewing, the smoky, salty, and natural meat flavors take over and the sweetness moves to the back. But you can still taste it in there, and seems to do a job good adding an extra dimension and providing a little more body. You won't find this heavily sweet, just enough to color the overall flavor.

 Crazy Horse Beef Jerky-Steak House: This is a strong smoky flavor, with a well-noticeable natural meat flavor. The steak sauce is also well-noticeable, with a light sweetness, yet still allows the smokiness and meat flavors to take the spotlight. There's a tanginess in the chewing.

 Crazy Horse Beef Jerky- Chicken Mesquite Bar-B-Q: This jerky has smoky flavor that tastes like real wood smoke, but you also get a sweet, tangy, spicy, and tomatoey barbecue sauce flavor to along with it. It's almost like sinking your teeth into a chunk of chicken breast slathered in sauce straight off the smoker.

 Crazy Horse Beef Jerky- Original:This jerky is the smoky, natural meat flavor, with a light bit of tanginess in the chewing, and a good deal of saltiness.

Crazy Horse Jerky- Cajun Chicken  : You do taste a seasoning blend that could definitely be associated with the cajun-style cuisine, having a cayenne pepper flavor and a light to moderate level of heat. But it also offers up the natural flavor of chicken and seems to provide a chicken meat chewing texture.

Crazy Horse Beef Jerky -Cajun : For being dubbed a Cajun beef jerky, it definitely has the spicy seasoning and heat Upon putting a piece into mouth, you get a burst of that chile pepper seasoning along with a moderate amount of heat.

Crazy Horse Jerky-Chicken: For being marketed as a chicken jerky, it certainly offers up the familiar and favorite poultry pleasantness of chicken, but in a jerky form factor. It has the chicken meat flavor, but also the chewing texture as well, albeit in a more dry, chewy jerky style.




Crazy Horse Jerky
$ 29.99