Crazy Cow Jerky is a brand of MadCow Beef Jerky Co., Carmichael, CA.  It has 5 flavors:


Crazy Cow Jerky-Cowafornia: is described as being the most unique original flavor out there. Sweet and  bit tang. One is able to taste  celery salt. onion powder and dried red bell are also in this flavor. It contains Beef, teriyaki sauce, dried red bell pepper, black pepper, onion powder, celery salt, celery seed.

Crazy Cow Jerky-Peppered: This jerky is described as not for the pepper shy and has a kick without the sweat. This jerky  offers a simple flavor combination of soy sauce and black pepper. Strong soy sauce makes it be high in saltiness, heavy black pepper makes it quite spicy. It contains Beef, teriyaki sauce, water, smoke flavoring

Crazy Cow Jerky-Smokey Teriyaki: is described as "a bold, robust, yet dignified palet teaser" and "there's no second hand smoke in this Jerky! We put it in, right from the start!" meat consistency is pretty good with its slices of pure meat and easy chewing. It contains Beef, teriyaki sauce, water, smoke flavoring.

Crazy Cow Jerky-Teriyaki Ginger: This jerky is described as a Savor the unusual delight of natural ginger in our Teriyaki ginger Beef Jerky. This jerky gives you a teriyaki sauce flavor with a noticeably higher level of ginger. It contains Beef, teriyaki sauce, water, ginger, black pepper.

Crazy Cow Jerky-Hot Ginger: For those that want a little tingle on their toungue then crazy cow jerky is perfect for you. It is  packed with flavor, a teriyaki sauce base a little more weighted on soy sauce, and a seasoning blend of red pepper, black pepper, and ginger.


Crazy Cow Jerky
$ 29.99