Choppin' Block is a brand name of Robertson's Hams of Salado, TX.

 Choppin Block jerky has 2 flavors

Choppin' Block Beef Jerky-hot: This jerky  has a  good flavor and a good chew for those that like dry chewy jerky.  It contains Beef, brown sugar, salt, worcestershire sauce, red pepper, black pepper, crused red pepper, sugar, maple sugar, granulated garlic, sodium nitrite.

Choppin' Block Beef Jerky-mesquite: This Mesquite Block provides a good overall flavor, with a smoky, light natural meat flavor, with a blend of salt, garlic, and black pepper seasoning. This makes it to stand out as one of the best jerky with a great taste. It contains Beef, worcestershire sauce, maple syrup, brown sugar, sugar, maple sugar, black pepper, garlic powder, sodium nitrite.


Choppin' Block Beef Jerky
$ 29.99