Chip's American Jerky is a brand of Chip's American Jerky Co, LLC, of Pikesville, MD.

 This brand has 2 favors:

Chip's American Jerky-Spicy SouthwestThis jerky is  dubbed  Spicy Southwest because of its  spicy burn.  Its spicy flavor is similar to that of cayenne pepper seasoning.  It contains spicy flavor similar to that of cayenne pepper seasoning.


Chip's American Jerky-Mild Midwest: This jerky is mild. The flavor is mostly a blend of salt, garlic, and onion, and some black contains Sliced beef round, water, soy sauce powder, dehydrated garlic, dehydrated onion, salt, spices, brown sugar, natural hickory smoke flavor.

Chip's American Beef Jerky
$ 29.99