Caveman Jerky is a brand of Caveman Jerky, Inc., based in Oakview, CA. It was started by Noah Staggs.

 Caveman Jerky has 3 flavours;

 Caveman Jerky-Teriyaki: This teriyaki variety from Caveman Jerky is quite tasty, it has a lot of flavor intensity  mostly from the soy sauce, salt, garlic and black pepper. It contains Beef, sugar, soy sauce, seasoning (salt, spices, sugar, garlic powder, hydrolyzed soy protein).


Caveman Jerky-crushed red pepper:  The overall dominant flavor of this jerky is the saltiness. This jerky offers a light-to-medium red pepper burn, and a light red pepper flavor it contains Beef, water, salt, spices, sugar, garlic powder, crushed red pepper, hydrolyzed soy protein


Caveman Jerky-Original black pepper. This jerky is tasty and   has a good deal of flavor intensity with black pepper taste. For those who like ] dry, chewy, slab-style jerky, then caveman jerky original black paper is something for you to enjoy.It contains Beef, spices, sugar, garlic powder, hydrolyzed soy protein.

Caveman Jerky Beef jerky
$ 29.99