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Get locally sourced protein from the hometown of Lyndon B. Johnson - Johnson City, Texas.

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Beef Round Cut

Round cuts come the rear leg of the cow. This makes for a rip and chew texture like how beef jerky was made back in the day.

Pork Loin

Loin cuts come from the area between the neck and rear legs. This makes for a very lean cut and soft to the bite texture.

Turkey Breast

Turkey breast is a very lean cut that is located at the front of the bird.

Choose your flavor

These spice blends and beef jerky recipes have been around since 1963. Mixed with the mesquite smoke, the two work in perfect harmony. It's a taste that you will remember forever. Some say they wait by their mailbox every day waiting for their next order. Originally started as Whittington's Jerky is now Bulk Beef Jerky.


This is how “OG” gets its name, it’s the basic spice combination that gives it a neutral “meaty” flavor with the right amount of salt.


This garlic is not as strong as our brisket garlic, however it is the perfect medium of flavor. If you’re a fan of the black peppers or peppers, the garlic will be your next choice!

Hot and Spicy

Yup, its hot – uses crushed red pepper flakes and peppers to give you a 8/10 on heat scale.

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Get locally sourced jerky products from Texas.

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