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Brisket Beef Jerky Sampler
Brisket Beef Jerky Sampler

Price: $ 100.00

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Price: $ 100.00

Out of Stock

Product Description

Why force yourself to choose between flavors – this brisket sampler gives you a variety of briskets to munch on.

12 bags for the price of 10! You can choose from the small 3 oz bags to our medium 8 oz bags.

Flavors include:

BBQ, IPA Beer, Black Pepper Sea Salt, Habanero, Hot, Mild Jalapeno, Orange Teriyaki, Original, Sweet N Spicy, Teriyaki, Western, Whiskey 

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  • is this mike jerky


  • Can you store the sealed bags in the freezer to prolong freshness?

    We recommend the refrigerator. Unopened in a cool spot, they have a one year shelf life.