BIG MAN Cave Sampler

Quick Overview

  • 8 - 4 oz. bags of our classic beef and Turkey jerky flavors. 
- Original Beef Jerky 
- Teriyaki Beef Jerky 
- BBQ  Beef Jerky 
- Sweet / Hot Beef Jerky 
- Peppercorn Beef Jerky
 - Blazin/ Scorchn 
- Peppered Turkey
- BBQ Turkey 

Product Description

This is for that Man that is the Protector, the Provider, the Workhorse. This is one bad dude. Kickin' *** and not just taking names, but renaming the poor soul that crosses his path. He bust his *** all week and has earned the freedom that the Cave provides. You may have been wondering how to repay the BIG MAN...... wonder no more, get him meat and lots of it in different flavors. He deserves this, this is for him. We didn't just name it the BIG MAN Cave Sampler for the sake of naming it that. Its for the BIG MAN in your life. There is but one way to show your gratitude and that is to make sure he has plenty of tasty jerky and beef sausages at his fingertips. Less work for you and a happy Man, it's a win win for all.

BIG MAN Cave Sampler
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