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B.U.L.K Sampler Bag
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Product Description

Beef jerky fans, are you tired of the generic name brand jerky that you find in all the stores? This bag of samps is for you. It gives you two bags of each of our premium cuts that we believe will overwhelm your taste buds. Once our customers find their perfect cut, 99% of them find their ideal flavor from the 50+ choices. Did we mention that this is an impeccable gift bag? Trust us.. it is. Lastly, we offer Free Shipping! Taxes and Fees are included, flavors may differ from images. 

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Inside The Sampler Bag

- 2 Classic Beef Jerky: Rip 'N Chew whole muscle cuts. These traditional choices will bring you back to beef jerky's roots.
- 2 Midwest Beef Jerky:  Small and bite size cuts. 
- 2 Brisket Beef Jerky:  Soft and tender cuts. Tends to have a sweet flavoring.
- Product Description Card.
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