Kippered Beef Jerky Sweet & Hot
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Kippered Beef Jerky

Chunky N' Moist
Chunky N' Moist

Price: $ 149.99 $ 199.99

Out of Stock

Price: $ 149.99 $ 199.99

Out of Stock

Product Description

Product Description

Well, here she is; A 10lb bag of beef jerky. This is our Dakota Line and were testing it out to see if we can bring value to our customers. This is kippered beef which has a unique and acquired taste. It is a soft and easy to chew beef jerky made right here in the USA. It breaks down to $14.99 per lb.

10lbs of Beef Jerky with Petey G .

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  • how long can you safely store that for

    It will last for 1 year sealed. 

  • How do I keep the jerky from getting moldy, once I open the package? Thanks

    We recommend breaking them down into smaller zip lock bags and storing them inside the refrigerator. 

  • Do you have other flavors looking for a Smokey black pepper taste?

    Try any of the Midwest beef jerky. Bulk up with 2.5lbs! 

  • I want to order bulk low carb (less than 2g per serving) beef jerky. I saw the deal 10lbs for 149.99. Looks great but can you confirm my carb question? Cheers,


    see nutrition facts here

Customer Reviews

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Sells for $50.00 in Tunis mo

Great value and good taste

Best value around for a good taste and texture. Not so hard to chew and convenient size pieces for snacking. Excellent pick-me-up for my keto diet. Thanks and I hope you keep selling this size permanently.

so happpy we can buy in bulk

I work for a hotel and it is hard to find Jerky in bulk form. This work's out for us very well so our kitchen associates do not have to open individual packages of jerky for buffets / breaks. Thank you for selling in bulk.

Kippered Teriyaki Awesome!

The kippered beef is the way to go! Chewy but tender and moist...not like alot of regular dried strips of thin flat jerky. I bought a 10 lb. Bag... split it up into smaller vacuum sealed portions and have it in the freezer so it will not go bad. Will definitely be back for more when I go through what I have.

Mold, mold, and more mold.

Opened up the usps package it came in christmas morning, only to find the bag riddled with mold. Poor packaging job with no moisture wicking packets in it. Very depressing for the giver and receiver.

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