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All-Natural Brisket Jerky
Super Soft
Super Soft

Price: $ 8.00

In Stock

Price: $ 8.00

In Stock

Product Description

Product Description

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  • Does the all natural brisket jerky contain any preservatives, such as nitratesi, etc., and /or artificial flavors and ingredients? Thank you..

    Nope! All-natural, gluten free, nitrate and msg free!

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Not what I expected

I'm sure some people like this, but it was not what I was hoping for. The texture and flavor was not for me.

Not that good.

I was not impressed with your product.
I will not order any more.

Best Beef Jery Ever!

Bought the 5-Lb bag of Sweet and Spicy Beef Jerky, really unsure of what to expect. I wanted something different for my staff to snack on that wasn't so full of fat and sugar. When we received it, we all laughed at how big the bag was. We opened it and tasted it (I was first) and truly loved the taste; very moist and full of flavor...the exact flavor we had purchased, not 'something else'. The rest of the staff tried it and felt the same way. So, we broke the bag down into Ziplock bags and put them in the Fridge to keep the freshness. We take out one bag a week and chow it down with a smile each time. We will be repeat customers!

You get stiffed if you buy with Groupon

with an order over a $127 with would have been shipping free, when I applied a $50 Groupon the free shipping went away, second time I've done this. it won't happen a third time.

The 5lb bag of jerky is OK. not worth using a Groupon

Best (G.O.A.T)

The briskets teriyaki were so damn tender and fresh out the bag with a mouth watering sensation topped off with the taste and texture of the meat. top self! I am 100% satisfied can't get enough of your product. I have a 1lb coming soon, definitely can't wait.

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