$ 32.00$ 29.95
Super soft and tender beef jerky. Gluten, MSG, Nitrate Free. 3 oz Packages
$ 20.97$ 16.95
Rip N Chew Style. Sugar, MSG, Nitrate Free. 3 oz bags. 
$ 50.00$ 39.95
Hunters, Wood Smoked, and Beef Sticks. Nitrate, MSG Free. 3 bags - 2.5 lbs net weight
$ 27.96$ 24.95
Rip n Chew Style - The OG Flavors. MSG, Nitrate Free. 3 oz bags.
$ 50.85$ 39.95
Snap n Share. Natures Lean Protein. Mixed with beef/ pork. 8 oz bags. 





100% Satisfaction Guaranteed?

We absolutely mean that. If you are not satisfied with your order, we will find something you will like! (Please be nice and not purchase the 5 and 10 lb bags and have one bite, we don't want to be wasteful now)

Where do I start?

We have a lot of options to tickle anyone's fancy. We recommend starting with a sampler or if you like soft try our brisket cuts. If you like traditional try our round cuts. 

What cuts of meat do you use? 

We use Rounds and Briskets for our beef. USA sourced beef and made in the USA. We are true to our American made beef jerky.

How long is shipping?

We typically have 2-3 business day shipping. 

What carriers do you use?

We use FedEx and USPS. The majority of our packages are shipped FedEx. 

What happens if my jerky molds or my items are damaged?

Sometimes this may happen if the product gets knocked around and micro holes form in the packaging from shipping. Rest assured, we will replace any damaged or molded products right away.