Wild Jerky Buffalo
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Wild Jerky

Lean N' Unique
Lean N' Unique

Price: $ 14.00

In Stock

Price: $ 14.00

In Stock

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Product Description

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect Craftsmanship In Jerky

Excellent jerky jack links got nothing in these guys thank you. I review it on my channel and I love it should be 10 stars not 5.

Goid jerky, slow shipping

Jerky was ok. I purchased python, lamb, and alligator, it all tasted the same to me. Shipping was a little slow, took over a week.

For the price i could make my own the would take less time and be more to my liking.

Great Taste; not exactly the flavor that was expected

Order this, as well as another flavor that I will be reviewing. The customer service was great. Within 3 days of placing my order, it was shipped. Within another 5 days, it arrived in my mail. Overall, the flavor was great. It's a teriyaki flavored jerky that's actually pretty tender. A little spicy, which was not expected, but not going to complain as I'm a sucker for hot things. The flavor was not a disappointment though, and I would recommend to give it a try. Tastes a bit like a mix of beef and goat.


i am allergic to pinapple and alot of jerky products contain them, just like the venison. i got so excited when it got here i didnt think to look at ingredients and had a allergic reaction. so buyer beware

Not Reliable

Seems that every time I want to order jerky, MANY items are not available. This time it's traditional jerky and wild venison and elk jerky. Absolutely love the jerky; just can't count on BULK to provide it when I want it.

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