Texas Style Jerky Hot
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Texas Style Jerky

Extra Tough N' Smokey
Extra Tough N' Smokey

Price: $ 8.00

In Stock

Price: $ 8.00

In Stock

Product Description

Product Description

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Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Expected sheets but got bite size (hot)

Allowed me to place order for hot and then was shipped this crappy bite size portion jerky that is “same recipe” but that’s not what I ordered. They said I could send back and wait. Would have been nice if notified or wasn’t allowed to be ordered instead they just thought it would be ok. Wish I could share a picture with my review to show the clear terrible difference.

Texas jerky

The Texas jerky is high quality and very good. I loved it, my wife thought it was a bit peppery but I didn’t agree, I love it as a quick snack

Way overrated!

What is all the hype? Took a chance based on the reviews, live and learn! Apparently you never had good beef jerky to compare yours to. I can go a few miles down the road and get good beef jerky that would put this stuff to shame. I had to give it a chance and it had no chance! Why would I think some place on the west coast could even compare to mid-west beef jerky? I can confirm, it can't!

Great Taste

I have been looking for a jerky that did not have a lot of sugar but with great taste and your garlic jerky fills the bill. ....great product.

Garlic is it

We get the plain Texas Style sometimes and it's good, cherry-maple is loved by poseurs and my kids... but my new fave is the Texas Garlic!

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