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The Best of Bundles
The Best of Bundles

Price: $ 49.99

In Stock

Price: $ 49.99

In Stock

Product Description

Product Description

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  • Does free shipping include Hawaii?


  • Do you have spicy beef jerky

    We do! Our Midwest Intense Heat, Brisket Habanero, Brisket Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, Classic Sweet n Hot.

  • Is there any pork in your jerky

    We do have pork sausages in the Meat Stick Category. They are fantastic. But other from that, no. 

  • On the sampler, can you choose your own flavors? Will you ship to Air Force base in Afghanistan?

    You can't choose your flavors, but if you notify us in the comments we can accomodate.   And yes we can ship to the airforce base if Afghanistan!     

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews

Oh my gosh I wasn’t sure what to expect like the jerky you buy at convenient stores but wow !!! Even the tough jerky you have is not real tough or stringy !! I’m hooked!! I’ve tried other jerky online and this is the best.. thanks and I will buy more...


I am from beef country and grew up on a cattle ranch. I loved each kind of jerry in the sampler pack and will order more. Trouble is I couldn't quit snacking on it!

Great product

The regular jerky is thick cut and well seasoned. My favorite is the brisket. It’s thin cut, soft and very flavorful.

leans towar the hot and spicey

the variety sample pack has more 'hot and sweet' "hot and spicey" samples than just normal samples. The jerky itself is moist and edible but nothing outstanding. The brisket style is bordering on 'damp'. the meat is tender but it's hard to tell if it's been fully dried/cooked
service is good, they communicate well, be prepared for an onslaught of promotional emails.
will pass on second order

Use of my Groupon

I bought a Groupon for $29, I tried to apply it towards your sampler which is $39
Impossible. it will not accept the code on my voucher. What do I do? Tried calling, the phone is not working.

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