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Kippered Beef Jerky
Chunky N' Moist
Chunky N' Moist

Price: $ 149.99 $ 199.99

In Stock

Price: $ 149.99 $ 199.99

In Stock

Product Description

Product Description

Well, here she is; A 10lb bag of beef jerky. This is our Dakota Line and were testing it out to see if we can bring value to our customers. This is kippered beef which has a unique and acquired taste. It is a soft and easy to chew beef jerky made right here in the USA. It breaks down to $14.99 per lb.

Due to high Holiday demand you may experience a delay in your delivery date. Guranteed delivery by no later than 12/22.

10lbs of Beef Jerky with Petey G .

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  • how long can you safely store that for

    It will last for 1 year sealed. 

  • How do I keep the jerky from getting moldy, once I open the package? Thanks

    We recommend breaking them down into smaller zip lock bags and storing them inside the refrigerator. 

  • Do you have other flavors looking for a Smokey black pepper taste?

    Try any of the Midwest beef jerky. Bulk up with 2.5lbs! 

  • I want to order bulk low carb (less than 2g per serving) beef jerky. I saw the deal 10lbs for 149.99. Looks great but can you confirm my carb question? Cheers,


    see nutrition facts here

Customer Reviews

Based on 269 reviews

YOUR PRICES ARE OUTRAGEOUS!! WE GET GOURMET JERKY HERE FOR $7.00 a pound!! You think if you bought 10 pounds it would be $5 a pound not $15!!

Lousy people

You post a negative comment ant they block you dont want people see

Just awesome!!

This was my first and definitely won’t be my last. Everything about this beef jerky was superb. Now it’s just deciding which flavor is next!!

Kippered Beef Jerky

Thick cut really better than store bought...nice chew though jerky... will buy from again, just let me get thu a few pounds of this 10 lbs first.... but you will see me later.. for sure......

Crazy Delicious Teriyaki jerky

Crazy Delicious jerky, I’ll keep coming back. Thank you

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