Beef Jerky Sticks
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Beef Jerky Sticks

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Jalapeño beef sticks- fused with jalapeños. It has a subtle heat to every bite. 8 oz sticks come as small bite-sized pieces. Bulk 2.5 and 5 lb bags come as 9 inch sticks, 24 to a pack. 5 lbs will have two 2.5 lb bags inside.

Meat sticks from BULK Beef Jerky. BULK Sizing up to 5 lbs of the best beef sticks, jerky, and more. Our Beef Sticks are not like those oil packed, small, unflavored sticks.

Ingredients: Beef, stick seasoning(salt, sugar, brown sugar, paprika, spices, garlic) corn syrup, jalapno pepper, encapsulated citric acid, sodium nitrite. Packed in a beef collagen casing.
Choose from a variety of Premium Meat Sticks from BULK Beef Jerky. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. Beef Sticks and are bigger, better, and even more tender in BULK sizing