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KRATOS Beef Bars

Beef bars

KRATOS Beef Bars


Kratos High Protein Beef bars are a healthy alternative for those serious about maintaining their body. We pack them full of what your body needs to stay lean and healthy while still tasting great!! More than just a great tasting snack, this bar can be used as a part of your exercise regimen without guilt!


Original delivers the great taste of black pepper, red pepper, garlic, coriander and celery juice.


Acai Berry packed with antioxidants and a unique flavor you have to try to experience it's one of a kind flavor.


Ginger & Wasabi refreshing ginger combined with the tang of wasabi. A duo you won't be able to resist.


Zesty Pepper blends the great taste of black pepper, chili pepper, garlic, celery juice and coriander to give this bar a powerful kick


SAMPLER offers one of each flavor of the 1.2 oz bars.

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