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Big Bull Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky

Big Bull Beef Jerky

Big Bull Jerky is a brand of Joes Beef Jerky Enterprises, based out of St. Paul Park, MN

Big Bull Jerky-Sweet Onion:It is a light saltiness, and a light meaty aroma. Overall, a very simple flavor, and a low surface flavor intensity.

Big Bull Jerky- Habanero:This Habanero variety is their hottest variety. It actually comes in two styles "Hot 50" and "Hot 100", where the 50 refers to 50 habanero chile peppers in the batch, and the other had 100.

Big Bull Jerky-regular:It tastes a light amount of saltiness, along with a light amount of that saucy flavor, and you might even notice a light amount of natural meat flavors.

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