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Bayou Blend Beef jerky

Beef Jerky

Bayou Blend Beef jerky

Bayou Blend Meat Snacks is a brand of beef jerky based out of Napoleonville, LA.

Bayou Blend-File Gumbo:It is a salty seasoning flavor comprising of a multitude of spices and quite complex. There's a bit of sweet noticeable.

Bayou Blend-Mèlange Original:It is a salty seasoning blend weighted towards garlic, onion and a faint bit of spiciness. It contains beef, water, worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, teriyaki sauce, crab boil powder, garlic powder, liquid smoke, onion powder, crab boil liquid, hot sauce.

Bayou Blend- Luziana Bonfire:It has a spicy kick both in terms of heat as well as spice has more of the hot sauce flavor than Mèlange Original.The ingredients coalesce very well to create an addicting flavor that livens up the senses, gets the heart pumping, makes you reach for more.

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