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Bacon Freak Beef jerky

Beef Jerky

Bacon Freak Beef jerky

Bacon Freak is a brand name belonging to Costal Vineyards Inc, a business that started out offering "wine of the month" clubs. It eventually branched out with a wide array of food clubs, such as "pasta of the month" and "jams of the month".

Bacon Freak Ham jerky-Peppered:It contains Ham, salt, sugar, brown sugar, pepper, sodium nitrite, sodium nitrate.It also has a more "home made" taste.The saltiness in this is very strong.

Bacon Freak Ham jerky-cajun-style:Cured with: salt, sugar, brown sugar, sodium nitrite.

Coated with: cajun seasoning.containsspices (black pepper, red pepper, celery seed, bay, oregano, basil, thyme), paprika, dehydrated onion, dehydrated garlic.

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