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4D-Acres Emu Jerky

Emu Jerky

4D-Acres Emu Jerky

Product Description:

4D Acres Emu Jerky is owned and operated on a small emu farm in Louisburg, KS. This emu jerky is made all natural without MSG and with no added nitrates other than in Celery Powder. This odd jerky adds new flavor to your taste buds! Even non-jerky lovers say that this jerky is something that you'll completely fall in love with!

4D Acres Emu Jerky with Raisins: This emu jerky will satisfy your taste buds with something sweet and something smoky all at once!

4D Acres Emu Jerky with Cranberries: You will love this sweet sensation and new flavor! Cranberries make this jerky taste like no other!

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