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6 of the Worlds Oldest Foods, Uncovered

Oldest Foods in The World

Before the advent of fast food chains, pesticides and growth hormones, meals were plainly prepared with two things in mind: simplicity and stodginess. In fact, some of the world’s oldest, most basic foods are still enjoyed today! Dates, nuts, rice, potatoes, millets and grains are just a handful of foods that have withstood the test of time for modern-day consumption.   However, do you ever stop to think about food that has defied the test of time against....decomposition? Chances are you haven’t - most people don’t! -- but given the fact that food is easily susceptible to rot, historical hysteria is likely to ensue any time archaeologists discover well-preserved treats with an ancient, expiration date. Below, we present to you the oldest foods, ever uncovered: Roman Wine: In recent years, an oxidized bottle of Roman wine -- finely-aged at 1,600 years! -- was discovered by excavators in Germany. The liquid,...

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