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What's Better: Beef Jerky vs. Turkey Jerky?

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Beef jerky is generally loved and known; however the popularity growth of other meat jerky offers the consumer quite of other options. Have you tried the turkey jerky? Beef jerky is low in fat making it is a great healthy meal for the whole family. The turkey jerky to offers amazing healthy benefits, although there are some nutritional variances between them, it is for the consumer to pick the best jerky for you. Beef and turkey jerky comes in the same flavors, such as teriyaki, original, hot & spicy and peppered. Regardless of your choice both offers perfect snack for traveler outdoor activities and healthy snack for the whole family. B.U.L.K beef jerky Nutrition It is the most well-known and consumed jerky, although other forms of jerky are catching up. I have come to note that beef jerky is little chewier than turkey jerky, but we tend to cut the...

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Choose the Right Jerky Gift

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More and more consumers are becoming aware of the chemical and preservatives in our foods. Hence buying foods that are preservative free and natural as possible is becoming the norms. Customers choose the jerky gift that is preservative free and shut down those with MSG addition of nitrate. However, let’s gets tips on how to choose the right products meat and flavor for gifts.   Think of the person it is going to! Do they enjoy different meats on a regular basis or do they tend to eat the same type of food? Those that are adventurous foods, they will be most likely to try new jerky such as the exotic; ostrich, kangaroo, antelope or alligator. Exotic meats have a simple and basic ingredient, hence making it an incredible jerky gift.    Stick to the traditional options  For those who are a bit reserved when it comes to food choices,...

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