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3 tips for celebrating Sunday night Football

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3 tips for celebrating Sunday night Football

In our house, football season is a big deal.  My husband is from Baltimore and is a big Ravens fan but, we like a variety of teams.  I have to admit over the years, the sport has grown on me.  Most football fans know that Sundays are connected with watching a lot of football and Sunday nights are even more exciting.  Many times we will have over a few friends to have yummy food and just relax and watch the game.  I have 3 tips that will make any gathering you have for football season a sure hit. 1. Get the right snacks. Football is always better with good food.  Set out some easy snacks like: Chips & dip (queso, salsa or guacamole), B.U.L.K. beef jerky (sweet & hot is perfect for all different taste buds) and, some buffalo chicken wings and your party will be unstoppable.  Everyone wants to...

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