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Health benefits of eating more Jerky!

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  I love beef jerky because, it is an easy, healthy and portable snack that I can take anywhere.  Many people don't realize that there are health benefits of eating more jerky.  It is easy to add into your diet by simply ordering it in B.U.L.K from B.U.L.K beef jerky and having it on hand for any quick snack.   They truly make the best jerky and it's higher quality than the stuff you buy in the store so, stick with them! Great source of protein.  Protein is an important part of our diets and helps our bodies in a variety of areas.  Jerky contains a high amount of protein.  One ounce contains 9 grams of protein.  The amazing thing about beef jerky is that it does not raise your level of insulin (connected with storing fat in your body), like many other foods so, you can leave the guilt behind...

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