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5 best snacks for staying energized through your day

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5 best snacks for staying energized through your day

            All of us struggle with keeping energized and fueled throughout the day. Most of us have more to accomplish within 24 hours than is actually possible. There are so many things that people look to, like drinks and pills to give them energy. However, it really is about the food you put in your body that gives you more fuel than anything else can. These are the 5 best snacks that will keep you energized throughout your day:

  1. Peanut Butter  healthy snacks peanut butter

    There are so many great combinations for snacks that include peanut butter. My favorite is apples dipped in peanut butter, but other options include spreading it on celery, crackers or a rice cake. The healthy fats and protein help keep you full longer and sustain energy throughout the day.

  2. Beef Jerky  B.U.L.K beef jerky

    Beef jerky is one of the most protein dense foods you can eat. It is high in protein and low in fat, which is a major plus for those of us who are health conscious. If you’re in need of a metabolism boost this should definitely be your “go-to snack.” Our family loves beef jerky but we don’t buy just any brand. With 3 little boys at home, it is important to feed them high quality products that will not have a negative effect on their health. B.U.L.K Beef Jerky is great because, there are many different flavors like Honey bbq, Teriyaki or Blazin’ hot for everyone to find something they like. This is an easy snack to take with you through the day that will keep you energized and full.

  3. Boiled Eggs   healthy snacks boiled eggs

    In the beginning of the week, I boil a bunch of eggs for the family and, keep them in the refrigerator to make it easy for anyone to grab and go. Boiled eggs are also naturally high in protein and add good fats to keep your body healthy. One of my favorite snacks is a boiled egg with beef jerky. With that combination, there is no way I can feel like I’m dragging throughout the day.

  4. String Cheese  healthy snacks string cheese

    String cheese is also something really easy to carry along with you during your busy day. It has protein and calcium for a healthy diet. The nice thing about individually wrapped snacks is that you don’t overeat and it gives you the boost you need in the middle of the day.

  5. Almonds  healthy snacks almonds

    Almonds are packed with protein and fiber as well as many other nutrients. A small handful of almonds are great for a mid- afternoon snack. When you are in need of a pick me up this is great way to get charged. What I love most about almonds is that a little goes a long way!

                All of these snacks are packed with a lot of nutrients and, perfect for getting through any day that you feel you are just dragging through. These snacks are easy to take along with you anywhere and packed with protein. Our family relies on these snacks to give us energy every day with our never ending schedules.   So whatever lies before you today, take these snacks along to stay full and energized.


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