4 lessons the Olympics is teaching our family
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4 lessons the Olympics is teaching our family

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4 lessons the Olympics is teaching our family

Since the opening ceremony, every night our family has been glued to the television to watch the Olympics.  As parents, we have done this intentionally because, we believe there are 4 lessons the Olympics is teaching our family. 

1.  Hard work pays off.

We want our boys to grow up knowing that if you work hard, you will be rewarded in the end.  We talk with them about how much these people train and focus on their goals so that they can win a medal.  We talk about how hard these people work but, that it's worth it in that moment when they "place."  In life, if they work hard at whatever career they choose and go above and beyond what others may be doing, it will pay off in the end. 

2.   Obstacles can turn into victories.

We love the back stories of various teammates at the Olympics.  Many times the athletes had many obstacles in their childhood or lives that they had to overcome.  Life wasn't easy for them and, they still found a way to rise above it all.  The hand they were dealt wasn't the best and they still turn their lives into an amazing inspirational, victorious story.  So, whatever they may go through in life that seems overwhelming or challenging we want them to know that they can turn it around and make it a success.

3.  Keep your eyes on the prize, not on others.

In so many different sports, we have seen people loose over and over again from looking at the person next to them rather than ahead.  In life, there are so many different distractions from our goals and, many times it is through comparison of others.  However, if you can just focus on your own strengths we realize you accomplish so much more than being distracted by others successes.  We don't want our kids growing up always comparing themselves but, focusing on what they are good at and perfecting that.

4.  Be a team player.

It is so encouraging to watch those athletes that constantly encourage their teammates.  Even after they win the gold, they go over and tell others how good of a job they did.  It is so easy to only focus on your own accomplishments or throw others under the bus on your way up but, we teach our children the importance of helping others reach their goals while you are working on yours.  You do not want to be alone at the top, but the kind of person that always looked for ways to help out others while doing things ethically. 

These are 4 of the lessons that the Olympics has taught our family.  For the rest of the Olympics, we will all gather around in the evening, cheering and looking for every day lessons we can learn from these amazing people.  I hope you will do the same.

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