3 tips for celebrating Sunday night Football
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3 tips for celebrating Sunday night Football

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3 tips for celebrating Sunday night Football

In our house, football season is a big deal.  My husband is from Baltimore and is a big Ravens fan but, we like a variety of teams.  I have to admit over the years, the sport has grown on me.  Most football fans know that Sundays are connected with watching a lot of football and Sunday nights are even more exciting. 

Many times we will have over a few friends to have yummy food and just relax and watch the game.  I have 3 tips that will make any gathering you have for football season a sure hit.

1. Get the right snacks.

Football is always better with good food.  Set out some easy snacks like: Chips & dip (queso, salsa or guacamole), B.U.L.K. beef jerky (sweet & hot is perfect for all different taste buds) and, some buffalo chicken wings and your party will be unstoppable. 

Everyone wants to watch football and eat tasty and filling food but, this is a way to keep your menu simple but, impressive at the same time.

2.  Don't skimp on the drinks.

Get a variety of popular beers and lemonade for anyone who doesn't drink.  We usually stick with a light beer and a dark beer option as many people want to drink beer while they watch the game.  All the beer commercials don't exactly help either.  LOL.  So, don't go for the cheap stuff but, keep it simple with just a few options. 

3.  Be festive.

Decorate a little bit to make the atmosphere more exciting and seasonal.  I am always looking to do things on a budget so, I head to the dollar store for some simple streamers that match the color of the teams playing and a small pack of balloons that can be used for many weeks to come. 

With these 3 tips, there is no way your Sunday night football party can ever fail.  This keeps it easy for the planner and the guest.  No stress involved.  Just sit back and enjoy as we approach this fabulous season!

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