3 hidden effects that sugar has on your body
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3 hidden effects that sugar has on your body

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3 hidden effects that sugar has on your body

All of us love sugar.  I could eat desert with every meal.  I could drink soda or lemonade constantly throughout the day, but I don't.  I've learned that their are 3 hidden effects that sugar has on your body that are worth me taking a closer look at my sugar intake.

  • Heightens your chances of diabetes and heart disease.Hidden effects of sugar diabetes

Many times we generally know these facts but, we don't see the direct impact they are actually having on our bodies.  These diseases are closely connected with our sugar consumption.  The more we consume, the more likely we are to have them. 

The truth is that just watching how many Coke's you consume in a day isn't the only factor to look at.  There is sugar in so many items that we consume.  Examples are foods like: bread, ketchup, jams and cereals.  We have to be conscious of these things to watch our sugar intake and to keep it low. 

  • Sugar depletes you of energy.

hidden effects of sugar low energy


Sugar effects your energy level in a dramatic way.  Sugar will give you a big burst of energy as you eat it but, within the hour your body will feel a "crash."  Sugar even releases serotonin, which helps regulate sleep.  You will end up needing more and more sugar just to stay awake and alert.  This is a cycle that will leave you needing more and leading to more health problems for yourself.

  • Sugar leads to depression
hidden effects of sugar depression


Most people aren't aware of the connection with sugar and their moods.  Sugar can actually effect you like hormones, making you feel up and down very quickly. 

Many of us look to sugar when we feel down as comfort food but, in the end we actually end up feeling worse.  The brain actually releases lower levels of dopamine, which helps you feel good and happy.  There is a direct correlation with those who eat more sugar and feeling depressed and overall down. 

These are 3 of the hidden effects that sugar has on your body.  Sugar can dramatically increase or decrease your quality of life but, it is truly in your hands what you do with it.  Keeping an eye on your sugar intake effects you and your body in so many ways and it is worth reading the labels and looking for ways to decrease your intake.  I hope this article helps you on your journey to get healthier and eat better.


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