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The Presence Of A Gun

Guns Police

New York Times:

“The shooting had nothing to do with race and everything to do with the presence of that gun,” Mr. Kelly said in an interview, noting that Officer Yanez is Latino.

Mr. Castile “was not following the directions of the police officer,” Mr. Kelly said, but he declined to provide further detail.

Much of what is known about the shooting comes from a Facebook Live video of the aftermath streamed by Mr. Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds.

Yea, I’ll bet he didn’t want to elaborate further.  Consider that.  The presence of a gun.  Let it wash over you again.  The presence of a gun.  Consider its implications for you and anyone carrying a gun.

His lawyer is floating his case now in an attempt to get the prosecutor to drop any potential charges.  This is his case.  “The presence of a gun.”  He shot the man because of the presence of a gun.

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